Public Consultation – Port’s of Cabo Verde Sub Concession Services

Cape Verde government sub-concessions port servicesCabo Verde, a geostrategic partner in the Middle Atlantic

In a context of great dynamism, linked to the exploitation of the sea’s resources and sustainability, the government of Cabo Verde is implementing a Blue Economy agenda, reinforcing investment with ongoing work on its port structures, such as the Porto Grande cruise terminal, strengthening port services and consolidating the country’s role as a cruise destination.

It is also creating the conditions for the entry of an international partner, specialized and integrated into the global trade circuit, and in this way increasing the efficiency of port operations, making the country more attractive and competitive for transhipment activities, and thus a service center in the Middle Atlantic. The entry of an international partner will result in lower tariffs and, consequently, lower costs for importers and exporters, inter-island transportation, consumer prices and, in general, factor costs throughout the economy.

Cabo Verde ports are going through a decisive moment, marking a turning point in their development trajectory with implications for efficiency, effectiveness and their role in the national economy. This period is characterized by an ambitious yet prudent approach, and a remarkable growth cycle is anticipated. In addition, strategic investments aim to strengthen capacities in all business segments and regions, boosting commercial performance, with an increase in the movement of cargo and cruise ships, freight and passengers.

The sub-concession must be awarded through a restricted tender, by prior qualification, with international advertising, under the terms of the Public Procurement Code and Resolution no. 56/2020, of March 27, for a maximum term of 30 years, and may cover all ports. The procedure comprises two phases, the first being the submission of applications and qualification, and the second the submission of bids and the respective analysis and evaluation.

The government has decided to hold a public consultation prior to launching the pre-contractual procedure, which will begin on March 11, for a period of 45 days, with the aim of anticipating a strategy that safeguards the country’s strategic interests and guarantees the interests of port sector operators. The results of the public consultation should allow the government to make any adjustments to the port services sub-concession strategy and strengthen the transparency of the process.

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