Technical Committee Meetings: 1. Maritime Security, Environ mental Protection and Opera tions (MSEPO); 2. Technical Studies, Infrastruc ture and Developement (TSID) 3. PMAWCA Liaison Officers (LOs)

Kribi , Cameroon

Each PMAWCA port and member organization should assign its delegates and experts in these fields to actively participate in these meetings. These committees will examine development in ports on relevant topics, current and upcoming projects and mechanisms to improve project performance and delivery, share knowledge on port topics and propose relevant topics for the coming year. Participation in these meetings […]

9th Annual Meeting of PMAWCA Harbour Masters Network and PFSOs

Praia , Cape Verde

Each member Port must assign its Harbour Master and its Port Facilities Security Officer (PFSO) to attend this meeting. Participants will share their experiences on issues related to their functions, cooperation agreements between ports, and with national/regional bodies to improve maritime safety and security, and protection of the marine environment. Participation in these meetings is free for all PMAWCA members

Meeting of the PMAWCA Mari time Professional Women’s Network (NPWMP-WCA)

Abidjan , Côte d'Ivoire

This meeting of Maritime and Port Women aims to showcase women in their sector of activity and plan their further progress. Each port or maritime woman will have to make a presentation on the chosen theme in order to share best practices in relation to the women from other associations.

PMAWCA’s 44th Council and 19th Managing Director’s Round Table / Exhibition

Conakry , Guinea

The Annual Council is the supreme body of PMAWCA which converges all the Managing Directors of the ports and member organizations. The Board will be responsible for evaluating the activities of the Association and the Board of Directors for 2024, including the review and validation of the results of the work carried out by all technical committees; approve the 2025 […]

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