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PMAWCA was established in October 1972 under the auspices of the Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and it covers the seaports located along the West Coast of Africa including Mauritania and Angola. The shipping area covers a coastline about 12,000 km. Its ports handle about 300 million tons of maritime import/export trade for the sub-region excluding crude oil. Many of the countries in this region are producing and exporting crude oil in commercial quantities while some others have also discovered oil in commercial quantities and are preparing to commence production in the near future. The Association’s membership has grown from just nine since inception, to forty members in 2018.​

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Main objective

Cooperate and share knowledge on best practices in port management and operations in order to deliver efficient and effective port services to our clients (ships and cargo owners), while maintaining the best culture of safe, secure and environmentally clean port operations.

Our mission

To contribute to the improvement in the quality of services of port activities and services of our members in order to promote sustainable socio-economic development of our countries and the sub-region.

Our membership

PMAWCA consists of 24 regular member Ports and 8 associate members spanning from Mauritania to Angola along the West African coast. It includes Anglophone, Francophone, and Lusophone countries with official languages in English, French, and Portuguese, as well as observer members in Europe.


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