Sustainable Ports Partnership (SPP)

Sustainable Ports Partnership

Mainly financed World Bank and facilitated by PENAf (Ports Environmental Network-Africa), this project kicked off in an official launch virtually, on 29th April 2021. It had 96 participants from 22 port authorities in 19 West and Central African countries.

The SPP has the overall objective of supporting the sustainability transition of West and Central Africa ports through the establishment of a cooperative and collaborative mechanism for the port authorities and operators to improve positive environmental and social impacts from their operational activities and infrastructure development while reducing negative impacts on proximate coastal ecosystems and living communities.


Expected outcomes of the SPP can be detailed out as follows:
– Develop an innovative approach for participating ports to voluntarily work together to build a common understanding of their environmental and social sustainability concerns,
– Find a common ground for addressing environmental and social sustainability concerns for participating ports by sharing management methods and approaches,
– Set baselines and targets for improving performance on identified port environmental and social sustainability concerns
– Build and strengthen collaboration and cooperation among partnering ports to address impacts of climate change and shipping,
-Established a self-sustaining financing mechanism to support a long-term partnership among participating ports for continuous environmental and social sustainability improvements,
Formalize the environmental sustainability cooperation and collaboration actions of participating ports via an agreed-on and signed Charter.

Activity 1

  • Identify and agree on 4 sustainability issues of PMAWCA ports


Status 1

  • Air Quality (AQ) √
    Waste Management (WM) √
    Coastal Erosion (CE) √
    Energy Efficiency (EE)  √


Activity 2

  • Elaboration du Plan d’Action et du Budget.


Status 2

  • Being finalized
    After an August 2021 break to restrategize.


Activity 3

  • Elaboration of an MoU and contract with the WB.


Status 3

  • Elaboration is ongoing.


Activity 4

  • Elaboration of an SPP Charter


 Status 4

  • 1st draft done
    Revision will follow after fieldwork


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