Feed back from the 43rd Council, Lagos-Nigeria

Session IV: Global Perspectives on African Trade Facilitation

Session Chair: Mr. Yann Alix, General Delegate of SEFACIL
Using existing data, Mr. Yann Alix explained how some key import and export realities of African maritime trade have not been fully integrated into the AFCFTA frame and how the competitiveness of African export is an important intrant to complete the AFCFTA agreement.

Panel 1: Global Perspectives on African Trade Facilitation
Panel members:

  • Prof. Khalid Bichou, Director of Port and Logistics Consultants Ltd, London,
  • Mr. Dennis Cordel, a PPP specialist,
  • Mr. Hatem Chahbani from the World Bank (WB)
    From the presentations, some important actions that could shape the future of AFCFTA were proposed, such as the simplification of tariff structures and enhancing of price regulation, as well as the establishing of a Regional Maritime Single Window for trade. Some practical ways to rightly integrate PPP into the realization of investment projects geared towards facilitating trade in Africa were encouraged and the emerging roles of Port Management under the AfCFTA regime was emphasized.
    During the discussions, a number of points were made regarding the fact that the different limitations of the AFCFTA agreement must not cast pessimism, but rather should galvanize the key actors to work hand-in-hand to see it deliver on the promises to roll back poverty in Africa.

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