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4th Training of PTC on ” QUALITY, HYGIENE, SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENT – QHSE” » at Cotonou from 3rd -7th June 2019

VOCATIONNAL TRAINING PROGRAM FOR TRHE YEAR 2019 MODULE: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION THEME: ” QUALITY, HYGIENE, SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENT – QHSE” SESSION: FROM 03rd TO 07th JUNE 2019 – COTONOU-VTC _______________________ COMMUNICATION Ladies and Gentlemen, Everybody knows that the marine environment is rich in resources which we are hardly aware of the third so far, whather they are fish resources, energy or scarce metals; moreover, the climate on the continent is determined by the changes taking place in the oceans and that almost all the oxygen necessary for [...]


5th Training of PTC on ” SENSITIZATION TO RISK OF TERRORIST ATTACKS” 03rd-07th JUNE 2019 in Lome TOGO

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM YEAR 2019 MODULE: SAFETY AND SECURITY TOPIC: «SENSITIZATION TO RISK OF TERRORIST ATTACKS» SESSION: FROM 17th TO 21st JUNE, 2019 – ACL LOME (Port Area, TOGO) ________________________ COMMUNIQUE Ladies and gentlemen, The last three training sessions of the VTC have highlighted the importance of three elements that are part of the daily concerns of the Port Authorities; those concerns are: 1- The safety and security standards (ISPS Code, Marpol and Solas Convention, IMDG Code, … ) of which the respect allows to make our [...]

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