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Highlights from the Technical Committee meetings in Douala

The meetings of the Finance and Economic Studies (FES) and the Administrative and Legal Affairs (ALA) committees were highlighted by a great event: The contribution of an external expert in this specific field to present a relative modern theme so as to share best practices and revisit relevant methodologies in this field with delegates. This session in Douala presented an opportunity for Mr. FAOUZI, the Technical Director of Single Windows for External Trade (GUCE). GIE of Cameroun and member of the [...]



Statutory meetings of the Finance and Economic Studies and the Administrative and Legal Affairs Technical committees is holding from the 3rd to the 6th of March 2020 in the beautiful town of Douala, in Cameroun. As customary, the opening ceremony was held at the hotel la Falaise in Bonajo, the venue for the meetings. These technical committee meetings brought together more than sixty (60) delegates from 13 (thirteen) countries of our geographical space. Presided over by the Governour of the Region, [...]



As part of the plan of action program of the Ports Management Association of West and Central Africa (PMAWCA), the 3rd African Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development began on Monday 11th February 2020 with an opening ceremony, the meeting will end on Thursday 13th February 2020. This well recognised conference attracted more than 20 delegations, which included about 15 PMAWCA member ports.  Click to read more . Welcome speeches were given follows: By the representative of the deputy mayor of the [...]


The Managing Director of Cameroon’s National Port Authority Calls for Modernization of the Douala Seaport

The Managing Director of the National Ports Authority in Cameroon, Josue Youmba has prescribed the modernization of infrastructure at the Douala seaport as a lasting solution to the current problems of congestion being faced by the port. In a one-to-two exchange with reporters of the authoritative weekly magazine program “Cameroon Calling” on the state radio, CRTV on Sunday August 10, Mr. Youmba did not only x-ray the problem of congestion but opened a window through which the future of [...]


The CEO of Marine Data Solution (MDSol), South Africa concerning the modern marine technologies

i. PMAWCA E-News: What is your opinion on the just concluded 3rd meeting of PMAWCA harbor Master’s network organized by PMAWCA Secretariat in Cape Town? MD of MDSol: That is was a great success and with my involvement in various associations around the globe, I commend PMAWCA for being a vibrant and very active association, which I’m proud to be part of. The discussions was very practical and addressed the everyday issues that the Harbour Masters are faced with. ii. PMAWCA E-News: [...]


Interview granted by Dr Yann Alix, Expert into Ports Management and Logistics

– PMAWCA e-News : What do you think of the cost of clearing cargo in the Africa zone of West and Central Africa?  Dr Yann Alix : First of all, your question requires a clarification of what the components of the cost of clearing cargo through African ports are and then assess if these costs are commensurate to the quality and service received in exchange for the price paid. The last decade has witnessed an increase in competition amongst West African [...]


4th Training of PTC on ” QUALITY, HYGIENE, SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENT – QHSE” » at Cotonou from 3rd -7th June 2019

VOCATIONNAL TRAINING PROGRAM FOR TRHE YEAR 2019 MODULE: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION THEME: ” QUALITY, HYGIENE, SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENT – QHSE” SESSION: FROM 03rd TO 07th JUNE 2019 – COTONOU-VTC _______________________ COMMUNICATION Ladies and Gentlemen, Everybody knows that the marine environment is rich in resources which we are hardly aware of the third so far, whather they are fish resources, energy or scarce metals; moreover, the climate on the continent is determined by the changes taking place in the oceans and that almost all the oxygen necessary for [...]


Visit of the Secretary General to the New Managing Director of the Port of Cotonou

As customary, after the appointment of a New Managing Director in any PMAWCA member port, the Secretary General sends out a congratulatory message and follows-up with a curtesy visit. For this reason, the Secretary General and the Project Manager paid a curtesy visit to the Managing Director of the Port of Cotonou on the 13th of April 2018. During this visit, the Secretary General gave a brief history of the association and the very significant role that the Port of Cotonou [...]

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